Ryanair leader michael oleary warned on monday of more pay cuts and task losings in the event of a second revolution of coronavirus this autumn.

We can not rule out there will never be additional pay slices and task losses if things get worse, maybe not better, he said.

Our biggest worry is another wave of covid-19 situations across european countries [in belated autumn if the yearly flu season begins] additionally the method in which governing bodies will answer or control that.

Mr olearys warning arrived while the flight revealed the pandemic had already knocked it into a reduction with its most recent quarter.

The budget provider suffered a web losing 185m into the 90 days into end of summer compared to a net profit of 243m in the same period in the earlier year.

The last one-fourth ended up being the most challenging in ryanairs 35-year record, the carrier said in a declaration.

Over 99 % of flights were grounded while the number of passengers dropped from 42m to 500,000 in april-june whilst the lockdown took hold. income dropped by nearly 2.2bn, to 125m.

The results came as government revealed anyone coming back from spain would have to quarantine for 14 days, a move a stated could threaten any green shoots of data recovery and dissuade customers from scheduling flights.

Stephen furlong, analyst at davy research, stated the airline would need to respond to consequent drops sought after by lowering costs, including reducing on roads.

The quarantine helps it be really difficult. it just highlights the risk of another wave, he said. all airlines can do is grit your teeth, decrease price base, and reduce scale.

The financial q1 losings came despite an 85 per cent lowering of costs, ryanair said, including through redundancies and pay slices. the provider announced in-may so it would cut up to 15 % of the staff, warning it would simply take at least 2 yrs for a return to pre-covid amounts.

After restarting 40 percent of its pre-covid routes, across 90 percent of their course community from july, the airline had planned to boost to 60 per cent of its regular routine in august and 70 percent in september.

However it said it was among the best placed air companies to both weather condition the violent storm and make use of opportunities thrown up by coronavirus.

Ryanairs balance sheet is among the best in the industry, it stated, with cost-cutting, cancelled share buybacks plus the purchase of some planes making the carrier with more than 3.9bn in cash at the conclusion of june. sector-wide difficulties and a diminished expense base may possibly also enable ryanair to benefit from lower airport and plane costs.

The ryanair group will emerge from covid-19 crisis with a lower expense base, which is essential to fund reduced fares, the service said.