Salt mobile, the swiss mobile business had by billionaire xavier niel, states in a legal filing so it resisted a takeover method from liberty global cable company to be able to not ever breach an exclusivity contract with rival sunrise that afterwards agreed to offer it self to liberty.

Salt said last week it was deciding on legal activity within the $7.4bn sale of sunrise, its cellular competitor, to john malones liberty global after deciding on the united states process of law to obtain documents pertaining to the offer.

It contends your sale seems to be in breach of a unique bilateral agreement between salt and sunrise to create a fibre optic community to compete with swisscom and upc, liberty globals cable organization in switzerland.

Salt, into the application filed in the us district legal for the district of colorado, said that sunrises deal to market to liberty international had caused it considerable damage and billions worth of swiss francs of damages. it said it intends to launch proceedings into the zurich industrial legal.

Sunrise features defended its position arguing that exclusivity arrangement with salt excluded a tender provide and therefore it failed to get a bid from liberty global so are there no reasons regarding instance.

Sunrise failed to instantly discuss the statements manufactured in the salt filing. liberty worldwide declined to comment.

The usa filing sets out a timeline of occasions that shows liberty worldwide very first approached salts moms and dad company njj telecom over a possible package in november 2019 after an endeavor to sell upc to sunrise folded.

That didn't cause a firm offer and salt later signed an agreement with sunrise in april to build a fibre optic broadband network labeled as swiss open fiber at a cost of 3bn.

Salt stated that liberty worldwide after that approached njj to reopen speaks over a possible acquisition however it didn't engage due to the exclusivity handle sunrise linked to the fibre system negotiations.

Sunrise after that requested salt to give the exclusivity period, in line with the filing. it cited a message from marcel huber, sunrises general counsel, to an njj exec that required the exclusivity duration to be extended so the parties included cannot conduct m&a talks along with other network proprietors in switzerland (including upc) during the period of settlement.

That request was agreed upon june 15, because of the exclusivity contract extended to october. however, on august 12, sunrise suggested an offer pitched at sfr110 a share from liberty international.

Experts argued that, while prospective appropriate action could cause damages being paid to salt, it really is not likely to derail the $7.4bn takeover.

Usman ghazi, an analyst with berenberg, stated this development does add an unexpected standard of doubt on liberty international bid forsunrise. but we note that salt has recorded procedures to acquire information from liberty global,as against searching for an injunction to block the deal. given that these procedures usually just take months,they areunlikely to affect the liberty worldwide tender offer forsunrise.