Schumer Asks FDA to Investigate Logan Paul's PRIME Energy Drink

(Reuters) – U.S. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer called Sunday on regulators to look into a popular energy drink created by an influencer that has nearly twice as much caffeine as a Red Bull and is marketed towards children.

Schumer stated that the Food and Drug Administration should investigate PRIME, a beverage launched last year by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI due to its high caffeine level.

Schumer warned parents and buyers that the product poses a serious threat to children's health.

A request for comments from PRIME was not responded to by a representative.

PRIME Energy has 200 milligrams per 12 ounces. This is equivalent to 6 cans of Coca-Cola, or almost 2 Red Bulls.

Schumer stated, "This is a shocking amount of caffeine in a child's body."

A warning on the website of the company states that PRIME Energy should not be consumed by children younger than 18 years old, women who are pregnant, nursing or who are caffeine sensitive.

PRIME sells an hydration beverage that is not caffeinated in a similar package.

Schumer claimed that the packaging and marketing for the two drinks was so similar, parents unknowingly bought the high-caffeine energy drinks for their kids.

He said that because the product was marketed as a sports and hydration drink in a near-identical form, it is likely that children will ingest the cans without their parents knowing.