SK Signet Adds NACS Plug Option To All Of Its Chargers

This means that all of SK Signet's EV fast chargers will be able to use the NACS charging connector.

SK Signet Adds NACS Plug Option To All Of Its Chargers

SK Signet is one of the world's largest EV charger manufacturers. (Over 20,000 units have been delivered worldwide). They announced that Tesla’s North American Charging Standard charging connector will be added to their entire charger line.

The announcement of the company was just one among many.

Ford and General Motors have decided to adopt NACS charging connectors in their new models starting in 2025.

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Rivian has also announced a similar decision


It is worth noting that SK Signet was founded in 1996.

"expects a product compliant in 2023".

It means that in a few months, the first NACS compatible charger will be available. We heard earlier that

ChargePoint launches its NACS charger


"SK Signet is developing chargers that comply with NACS standards. We expect to release a product compliant in 2023."

It's likely that manufacturers of fast chargers are working round the clock, not only to improve their products, but also to increase sales. Tesla may offer NACS kits to OEMs, so that they can build the first prototypes.

SK Signet CEO Jung Ho Shin said:

'Americans have been moving in record numbers to EVs, but the market has yet to evolve to provide a seamless charging for EV owners. SK Signet has committed to offering flexible charging solutions to make it easier for EV drivers to charge their vehicles, regardless of which model they drive.

Texas made chargers

SK Signet, a South Korean conglomerate that includes SK On batteries and other companies, was acquired by SK Inc. in April 2021.

The company announced that it will be launching its new product in November 2022.

A new manufacturing facility in Plano (Texas) near Dallas, with a production of more than 10,000 fast chargers per year

This investment has now been completed - SK Signet celebrated its grand opening in early June of the first manufacturing facility it opened in the United States.

The facility is expected to create 183 jobs in 2026, when it reaches its full production capacity.

SK Signet DC Fast Chargers at the grand-opening of a SK Signet Manufacturing Facility in Plano, Texas (5th June 2023).

Texas has already begun pilot production of a 350-kilowatt DC fast charger. It will be joined later this year (possibly in July) by V2, a 400-kW charger that was first introduced at CES 2023.

Customers will have the option to choose between NACS, CCS CHAdeMO, and MCS connectors on all chargers manufactured at the Texas facility. SK Signet started pilot production at its Texas facility of a 350 kW charger. Later this year, SK Signet plans to start producing the V2 charger that has a maximum output 400 kW.

Below you can see SK Signet chargers used at the recent Electric Vehicle Symposium EVS36 held in California. The left one is fitted with the upcoming Megawatt Charging System for heavy-duty vehicle, while the right one is envisioned to be used for cars.

SK Signet fast chargers

According to the website of SK Signet, four electric vehicles could be charged at once with a configuration that includes two 400-kW dispensers (both dual head) and a cabinet powered by a 600 kW power electronic.

There are several scenarios depending on the number and "demand" of vehicles. For example, you can charge a vehicle up to 400 Kilowatts. Or four vehicles up to 150 Kilowatts.