Frdric ouda of socit gnrale could be the longest-serving chief executive of a prominent european bank. shareholders bear the scars of just one associated with lengthiest fix jobs within the industry. might there be an association?

Things are so bad that sellside experts applaud small victories. they provided courteous praise for better than expected expense cuts within the french banks second-quarter results. costs fell 6 % year on year in the 1st half.

Shares dropped too. socgens fundamental equity continues to shrink, without any concomitant improvement in return thereon money. those will be the metrics markets are dedicated to.

Loan provisions caught some off guard. a large jump during these to 1.28bn when you look at the 2nd one-fourth ensured an after-tax lack of an identical amount. socgen continues to have maybe not put sufficient apart, barclays analysts say. the common equity level one proportion, a significant indicator of financial strength, sealed the one half at 12.5 %, 350 basis things above the regulating minimal the lender. socgen needs the figure to fall below 12 percent because of the year end.

Maps showing french banking institutions socit gnrale and bnp paribas overall performance

In buoyant securities trading company, socgen is struggling to take seafood in a barrel. yes, the fixed income and currencies unit uploaded a one-third leap in revenue in the 1st half. but equities profits folded by 89 %. blame the structured services and products group. which had offered types which handed volatile money return on stocks to clients and dividend channels into bank. equity costs rebounded, but payouts disappeared. hapless socgen was remaining holding the wrong end associated with wishbone.

The contrast, as previously, had been with neighborhood competing bnp paribas, whose numbers a week ago had been far more powerful.

Mr ouda along with his staff cheerily insist the worst has passed. a cloud nonetheless hangs stubbornly over them. stocks are exchanging at under a fifth of their concrete book value, on a diminishing denominator. socgen continues to be a model associated with wrong particular persistence. the disapproval of equity areas has become deeply ingrained. the finance companies board should simply take heed.

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