Southwest airlines warned over 6,800 employees on thursday which they could possibly be furloughed next spring potentially 1st job losings in carriers record.

Jon weaks, head of southwests pilots union, called it a heartless negotiating tactic designed to draw out pay concessions from employees during the pandemic.

The most recent sees, added to about 400 currently given, signify about 13 per cent of this dallas-based air companies staff members have been informed they could be put-on leave without pay.

Us air companies have actually furloughed thousands of employees this season while they struggle to adjust to significantly fewer flyers. southwest reported a $1.2bn net reduction when you look at the third one-fourth on income that declined 68 percent from same duration this past year. however the organization has almost $15bn in money significantly more than all its rivals, save for delta air lines.

Southwest said it granted warnings on thursday to around 1,500 flight attendants, 1,200 pilots, 2,500 ramp, cargo and businesses staffers, and about 1,200 customer service associates.

The furloughs would take impact on march 15 or april 1, with regards to the employee group.

Mr weaks said the flight have been pressuring the southwest airlines pilots association for a 10 % pay cut to save around $225m in labour costs next year, and because the union has rejected, it really is delivering out furlough warnings well before the government-required schedule. worker adjustment and retraining notifications otherwise known as warn sees are often sent 60 times before a mass job cut.

This is certainly a heartless, disingenuous negotiating technique that theyve launched during the breaks to put fear in hearts of staff members, mr weaks said, before invoking the air companies revered founder. this is not just how herb kelleher would have conducted company.

Southwest said the pay concessions it had required from unions were temporary to assist counterbalance the billion bucks of overstaffing expenses projected for next year.

Due to deficiencies in meaningful development in negotiations, we had to proceed with issuing notifications to extra workers, stated russell mccrady, southwests vice-president of labour relations. our company is ready to carry on negotiations quickly to preserve tasks whenever we can achieve the support that allows southwest to fight the continuous financial challenges.

Mr weaks noted that his unions calculations reveal that quantity conserved through the feasible furloughs will be fewer than half the $225m the airline says it wants to save. the temporary work losses would also come as the flight is embroiled in retraining pilots, either to fulfill brand-new demands to fly the 737 max jet, or even refresh abilities following voluntary paid time off.

Southwests chief executive gary kelly, mr weaks stated, ended up being cutting his nose to spite his face. theyre not going to be capable fly all of the revenue that they want because theyre maybe not planning to have enough pilots.