Amanda staveleys contacts among gulf royals were at an increased level than any other western financier i stumbled upon in the area, a close adviser to abu dhabis sheikh mansour told the high court on monday.

Ali jassim, who has known the billionaire owner of manchester city soccer team for twenty years, had been testifying within the 1.5bn lawsuit brought by ms staveleys pcp against barclays for so-called deceit with its 2008 fundraising with qatar. ms staveley led a parallel fundraising for abu dhabi. barclays denies wrongdoing.

The testimony of mr jassim, that is being known as as an experience for pcp, appears to clash using the banks version of activities. on friday jeffrey onions qc, acting for barclays, put to ms staveley that she was indeed significantly exaggerating the woman relationship with sheikh mansour.

Mr jassim, giving research via video link from puerto rico, stated he previously very first met ms staveley during the woman negotiations in 2007 to sell manchester city on the behalf of thailands after that prime minister thaksin shinawatra.

I remember being impressed along with her ability to obtain the manchester city fc deal over the line because efficiently as she did, he said in a witness statement, noting that she is at enough time already forging a reputation in gulf as a significant dealmaker.

He included that ms staveley had initially talked about the woman concept of abu dhabi buying a strategic share in an english bank in september 2008, and that mr jassim had stated he'd help this lady in putting a pitch to sheikh mansour.

He stated sheikh mansour always talked very highly of ms staveley and referred to her as an intelligent businesswoman,and that she had the royals private cell phone number.

I know that she frequently labeled as him during the barclays offer without my attendance on those phone calls, mr jassim, today working a consultancy, stated in his witness statement.

Ms staveley testified the other day that she had attended a high-level majlis reception at abu dhabis palace in october 2008 to talk about the barclays handle sheikh mansour sitting on breathtaking couches.

Mr onions on friday accused the woman of embellishing and inventing evidence, saying the woman description associated with majlis had been implausible and not with the capacity of belief.

Mr jassim on monday stated ms staveley had regularly attended the receptions managed by abu dhabi royals, as he described the close interactions ms staveley created over the years with members of the ruling familyand considerable members of business community in your community.

The outcome continues.