Begins Coverage on New Concept Energy (NYSEAMERICAN:GBR)

BidaskClub raised New Concept Energy from a “sell” rating to a “hold” rating in a research report on Saturday. has issued a sell rating for New Concept Energy, while BidaskClub has raised it from a "sell" to a "hold."

In a research report released on Saturday. The company gave the stock a sell rating.

The stock opened at $1.04 Friday. The stock's market capitalization is $5.34m, with a P/E ratio of 34.68. It has a beta value of 0.62. The fifty-day moving average is $1.17, and the two hundred day moving is $1.21. New Concept Energy's 52-week low is $0.99, and its 52-week high is $3.09.

The company last published its quarterly earnings on March 21st. The company posted $0.01 per share in earnings for the third quarter. For the quarter, revenue was $0.06 million. New Concept Energy's return on equity was 2.66%, and its net margin was 66.11%.

Institutional Investors weigh in on New Concept Energy

Recently, a number of institutional investors changed their GBR holdings. Virtu Financial LLC purchased a $95,000 stake in New Concept Energy during the first quarter. Renaissance Technologies LLC purchased a $30 000 position in New Concept Energy at the end of the second quarter. Millennium Management LLC increased its stake in New Concept Energy during the fourth-quarter by 129.4%. Millennium Management LLC owns 24,068 of the company stock, worth $26,000. This is after purchasing an additional 13,576 in the fourth quarter. Institutional investors own 5.81%.

New Concept Energy Company Profile

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New Concept Energy, Inc provides real estate rental services. It also maintains liability and property insurance to cover its real estate operations and corporate activities. The company was established in 1978, and its headquarters are in Dallas, TX. offers a FREE daily email newsletter