Initiates Coverage on Jounce Therapeutics (NASDAQ:JNCE)

analysts have also issued reports on JNCE. The firm issued a hold rating on the stock.

In a Friday research report, investors received a copy of the report. The stock was given a Hold rating by the firm.

Several other brokerages have also published reports about JNCE. Piper Sandler downgraded the Jounce Therapeutics rating from overweight to neutral in a report published on Monday, 27th March. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group reiterated a neutral rating for shares of Jounce Therapeutics on Friday, 24th February in a research report. Raymond James downgraded Jounce Therapeutics' rating from outperform to market perform in a research report on Thursday, the 23rd. Five analysts have given the stock a hold rating, and one analyst has given the company a buy rating. The stock opened Friday at $1.92. Jounce Therapeutics's 1 year low is $0.58, and its 1 year high is $7.23. The 50-day simple moving is $1.41, and the 200-day simple moving is $1.37. The market cap is $100.11m, the PE ratio is -0.75 and beta 0.75.

Insider Buying & Selling at Jounce Therapeutics

Kevin C. Tang, a major shareholder, bought 65,701 of the company's shares in a deal on Monday, 13th March. The shares were purchased at an average price per share of $0.99, for a total of $65,043.99. The insider owns 5,279 801 shares worth $5,227 002.99. Kevin C. Tang, a major shareholder of Jounce Therapeutics, acquired 65,701 stock shares in the company on Monday, March 13th. Stock was bought at $0.99 on average per share for a total of $65,043.99. The insider owns approximately $5,227.002.99 worth of shares after the purchase. On Tuesday, 4th April, 39,228 stock shares were sold in a single transaction. The shares were purchased at an average of $1.85 for a value of $72,571.80. After the sale, the Director now owns approximately $349,241.15 worth of stock. Insiders hold 6.92% the stock of the company.

Jounce Therapeutics Institutional Trading

Recently, several hedge funds and institutional investors changed their positions on the company. PFM Health Sciences LP increased its stake in Jounce Therapeutics in the third quarter by 3.7%. PFM Health Sciences LP owns 4,094,488 of the company stock, worth $9,581,000, after acquiring 144,820 additional shares in the last quarter. Balyasny Asset Management LLC acquired a new Jounce Therapeutics position worth $26,000 in the third quarter. BML Capital Management LLC bought a new position of shares in Jounce Therapeutics valued at approximately $2,013,000 during the first quarter. FNY Investment Advisers LLC bought a new position of shares in Jounce Therapeutics for about $27,000 during the first quarter. CIBC Private Wealth Group LLC increased its stake in Jounce Therapeutics shares by 97.9% over the fourth quarter. CIBC Private Wealth Group LLC owns 40 425 shares worth $45,000, after purchasing an additional 20,000 during the last quarter. Eight0.66% of company stock is owned by hedge funds and institutional investors.

Jounce Therapeutics

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Jounce Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage immunotherapy company that develops treatments for cancer. It also offers novel cancer immunotherapies that target tumors. It was founded in 2013 by Louis M. Weiner and Drew M. Pardoll. James P. Allison and Robert Schreiber are also involved. offers a FREE daily email newsletter