Suze Orman: ‘Big mistake if you park your money forever in bonds'

Personal finance expert Suze Orman believes there's a 'lifetime opportunity' in the stock market.

Suze Orman: ‘Big mistake if you park your money forever in bonds'

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Suze Orman warns investors who rely too heavily on bonds.

Personal finance expert, believes that high interest rates and aversion to taking risks are keeping too many people away from a "lifetime chance" on the stock market.

How can you ignore some of these stocks? You have to invest in them. Do you dollar cost average them and take advantage [of] down days? "Yes," the podcast host of "Women & Money", told CNBC "

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This week. You'll make a mistake if your money is parked in bonds forever.

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SecureSave, a fintech startup for emergency situations, was founded by co-founders of SecureSave.

Long-term investors need to be able to handle the ups and downs of the stock market.

I want to purchase a stock and hope that it will go down.

"I'm a serious loser at this point." Orman said, "I don't really care." "I'm going to buy an investment and hope that it will go down." "I want to buy a stock and I hope that it will go down further so that I can collect more."

She recommends keeping some money as fixed income in order to reduce the risk in an unstable environment.

She still believes that bonds have a place in portfolios. She enjoys the

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Treasurys is now ready to look at the longer term.

The play could be placed in the long-term Treasury. I have started to dabble in. "I buy whenever the 30-year yield crosses five percent," said Orman.

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Treasury Yield 30-Year

It is still close to 2007 highs. As of Friday's closing, it traded over 5%.