Texas Town Struck by at Least One Tornado, Local Media Says

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LUBBOCK (Reuters) – The North Texas town Perryton, which is home to a mobile-home park and a few homes, was hit by one or two tornados on Thursday. However, there have been no confirmed reports about casualties.

KVII-TV in Perryton reported that 30 trailers were damaged or destroyed and that firefighters are still rescuing the victims as of 6 pm local time. The twon was said to have been hit by three tornadoes.

The Ochiltree county sheriff's department said that they could not provide details about injuries or deaths.

"Jane & I pray for the people in Perryton this evening." "I am in close contact with Mayor Symons, and this tragedy will be closely monitored by me and my entire staff," U.S. Rep. Ronny, a Republican, from Texas said on Twitter. He was referring to Perryton mayor Kerry Symons.

Perryton is located about 110 miles north of Amarillo and close to the Oklahoma border.