‘The Mandalorian' offers a key flashback – and an unexpected cameo

The Mandalorian, a show set in the Star Wars universe, returned to more conventional pursuits after last week's detour. The Foundling largely dealt with Mandalore's warrior culture and addressed one of the logistical mysteries associated with its customs.

‘The Mandalorian' offers a key flashback – and an unexpected cameo

Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for the fourth episode of Season 3's 'The Mandalorian', 'The Foundling'.


After the week-long detour into dysfunction in the New Republic, "The Mandalorian" returned to more traditional pursuits like an aerial battle to rescue a Mandalorian child. The fourth episode of 'The Foundling' featured a flashback that included a very special cameo.

Grogu, also known as. Baby Yoda flashed back at his perilous escape from Jedi Temple. A Jedi courageously saved him from the Imperial stormtroopers when Order 66 became effective.

Ahmed Best played the role of the Jedi. Ahmed Best is a complex character in Star Wars lore, as Jar Jar Binks is the comic-relief character everyone seems to hate in George Lucas' second (and first) film trilogy. It began with 'The Phantom Menace.

Best wrote a 2018 social media post in which he mentioned the'media backlash’ that he experienced early in his career. He did not specifically mention Star Wars, but he said that if he was experiencing suicidal thoughts. When the episode aired on Disney+, it was immediately reacted by fans who recognized him.

Other than the nostalgic callback, "The Foundling" dealt primarily with Mandalore’s warrior culture while also addressing one logistical mystery associated with its customs, namely how Mandalorians eat without breaking their code regarding removing their helmets in front of others.

The Baby Grogu sequence has, however, temporarily returned some focus to the character. He was less prominent after his fate and future drove narratives during the first two seasons.