The State of Yucatán Receives the 2022 'Excellences Gourmet Award' at FITUR

The Ministry's "365 Flavors in Yucatan" campaign is recognized for placing its cuisine at the forefront of the culinary world

The State of Yucatán Receives the 2022 'Excellences Gourmet Award' at FITUR

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The Ministry's "365 Flavors In Yucatan" campaign has been recognized as a landmark in the world of culinary arts.

MADRID (SPAIN), January 19, 2023 / -- At this year's International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR), the state of Yucatan 2021 was recognized under the EXCELLENCES GROSS category. FITUR is a benchmark event in the sector of tourism. "We are proud to be recognized by this elite group of experts. It is a testament to the success of our gastronomic tourist strategy that has helped us in the recovery process. This campaign has made us a gastronomic destination in the eyes of the entire world, and we are deserving of Excellences Gourmet and other awards," Michelle Fridman Hirsch (Minister of Tourism, State of Yucatan), who was presented with the award at FITUR. The Excelencias Group, a global communication cluster, created the Excellence Awards in 2005 to recognize excellence in various fields. They have been a reference point for everyone involved in these areas; they strive to be excellent. Jose Carlos Santiago, President, of Excelencias Group selected the winners from a large list of applicants. This resulted in Yucatan receiving a well-deserved distinction. Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Yucatan's Minister of Tourism, launched the "Year of Yucatecan Gastronomy", which was inaugurated by Mauricio Villa Dosal (Governor of Yucatan), and Michelle Fridman Hirsch (Minister of Tourism of Yucatan). This initiative positioned Flavors of Yucatan to be the main engine for sustainable tourism, generating employment and economic support for thousands of people. This strategy also included the identification and promotion of new tourist and gastronomic products. The campaign "365 flavors in Yucatan", which introduced local culinary experiences, was a success. It is divided into six regions: Riviera Yucatan, Merida Cultural Capital, Cenotes, Haciendas, Puuc Route, Mayan Villages, Mayan Capital World, Mayan Port, and Puuc Route. The first "Sabores de Yucatan" Festival was also held as part of initiatives to position Yucatan as an international destination for gastronomic tourism. There were panels, keynote speeches and tastings. Takeovers, six- and eight-hand meals, takeovers, local market tours, gastronomic circuits and tastings. Mixology workshops were also offered. Traditional cooks as well as renowned national and international chefs were invited to honorarily attend the festival. These events were held alongside Latin America's 10 Best Restaurants, an international event that brought together chefs, industry leaders and journalists. Yucatecan cuisine is regarded as one of Mexico's 5 most outstanding. Its strength lies in the combination of ingredients and techniques used in pre-Hispanic time by the ancient Mayans, and those brought to the Peninsula during the Colony by the Spanish and Lebanese. These awards had a significant impact on more than 20 countries in 2021, with more that 83 million page views and 723 million users. Yucatan: Yucatan is rich in natural, cultural, and patrimonial attractions. It has more than 3000 impressive cenotes, 378 km of white sand beaches, emerald, and turquoise waters. It is also home to the pink flamingo of Mexico. It is also home to archeological zones that are of global relevance, such as Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and a cultural mosaic in which the Mayas' living culture is prominent. It is also home to its exquisite gastronomy, and colonial towns, and magical towns. It is a State of Peace. This appointment was signed by 30 Nobel Peace Prize recipients in 2019. Our capital is also the only one in Mexico to be named twice as the American Capital of Culture. In the 2022 category of large cities, Conde Nast Traveler ranked it among the top five best cities in the world. Gustavo A Rivas -Solis

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