Top Economist Leaves White House, and an Economy Not Yet ‘Normal'

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have lingering effects on the economy and Americans' optimism.

Top Economist Leaves White House, and an Economy Not Yet ‘Normal'

Rouse said repeatedly in the interview future researchers will have the final word on the impact Mr. Biden’s policies, especially on inflation. She and her team were involved in a modeling project that was conducted early 2021. The model concluded that even if Mr. Biden injected $1.9 trillion into the economy there was a low chance that prices would rise so rapidly that the Federal Reserve could not control inflation.

When asked Thursday about these models, she replied, 'I'd say we all worked under uncertainty.' I think that time will tell if it was the right decision.

Princeton University's Dr. Rouse is a labor economist. Rouse promised at the White House that she would support Mr. Biden in his efforts to promote racial equality in the American economy and society. This included improving data that the federal government collects about economic outcomes based on race and ethnicity.

When asked about this work, Dr. Rouse cited new Bureau of Labor Statistics data that breaks down monthly employment figures for Native Americans. She also mentioned a few other initiatives. She said, 'It is a slow and steady process.'

Mr. Biden has praised Dr. In a Friday statement, the White House praised Rouse for her contribution to helping his administration navigate economic challenges. Cecilia Rouse provided insight analysis, assessed the problems in a different way, and insisted we examine the evidence before drawing conclusions.