Whom could imagine mercedes without toto wolff? the austrian has actually led the formula one rushing team to these types of prominence that securing this years constructors championship would-be enough to overtake ferraris record for successive brands.

Not even the strangest f1 season in memory a result of coronavirus would undermine the importance of expanding the silver arrows six-year winning streak. the success would-be sweeter nevertheless if star driver lewis hamilton can defend their subject to match the record seven games won by michael schumacher.

Other team leaders spend 50 percent of the time fretting about the balance sheet, toto uses 100 percent of their time on rushing, claims one competitor. that said, its difficult even with that to win six consecutively.

While f1 battles to remove accusations that mercedes grip regarding podium makes for a boring spectacle, german carmaker daimler, which manages the group through a big part shareholding, is now able to be concerned less about any ongoing impression that its cars tend to be for taxi drivers and older males.

Most of this is certainly right down to a peerless performance on track, which assisted to-drive incomes on f1 team to 338m in 2018 from 115m in 2012.

Not too the mercedes staff key, leader and part-owner is preparing to take most of the plaudits.

There [are] not one or two celebrities. in our group, inside our framework, you will find 2,000 stars, mr wolff claims.

The 48-year-old and his scottish spouse susie, a former racing motorist, have actually built a 355m fortune that belies the problems he states he faced on age of 15, whenever his daddy passed away from a brain tumour.

Searching for what as he summons painful thoughts, mr wolff claims the scars and demons kept because of the loss in a mother or father can trigger superpower within a young child.

Having been forced to give-up his aspirations as a sporting driver, mr wolff rather plunged into an investing career that started with technology organizations in 1998.

But an investment in hwa, a german organization that developed mercedes-benz vehicles the dtm rushing show, ended up being only one interest that hinted at a future come back to motorsport.

It arrived when he purchased a stake in frank williams rushing staff last year, though he just became executive director in 2012. their particular achievements included an initial public supplying last year as well as the oxfordshire teams very first grand prix triumph in eight many years.

I gave my heart to williams, states mr wolff. i shall remember that whenever i got the offer to join mercedes...i happened to be actually struggling with the decision.

It all begun with coffee. wolfgang bernhard, then from the daimler board, asked mr wolff to assess why mercedes had failed to win an f1 world championship since 2009 despite offering the race abilities of schumacher and future champion nico rosberg.

Mr wolff was direct. successful in f1 calls for serious sources. persuading the daimler board of the reality was vital.

Within days of obtaining their report in 2012, daimlerinvited him to its head office in stuttgart to meet up the then administration board chairman dieter zetsche, which asked him to run the group. the late niki lauda, the three-time world winner and other austrian, had currently joined as chairman for the procedure.

While williams nonetheless struggles to compete with the recreations wealthiest people, mercedes has got the spending plan to participate at the top with ferrari and red bull. adding to the appeal ended up being daimlers willingness to make a 30 percent risk in racing team available for mr wolff to shop for. as at williams, he wanted skin in game.

In january 2013, mr wolff ended up being appointed managing companion, following a season where northamptonshire-based mercedes completed fifth.

He was lucky that they had quite a sizable budget, states bernie ecclestone, the former f1 supremo, whom attributed mr wolffs success to running the team like a small business, hiring really and making sure staff did whatever they were supposed to do.

Nevertheless the appointment stoked tensions with ross brawn, whom led the forerunner into the mercedes group when it was nevertheless known as brawn gp to its last championship victory.

Increasing contrary to the f1 veteran a near-peerless technical expert with a bulging trophy cabinet was a sign of mr wolffs determination to shake up mercedes.

Trust utilizing the previous mercedes staff principal broke straight down. one sticking point ended up being that mr wolff hired paddy lowe once the teams technical manager, further encroaching on mr brawns remit. by the end of 2013, mr brawn had been gone therefore ended up being their possibility of revealing into the six seasons of fame that could follow.

I must admit it was extremely tough for him, concedes mr wolff.

Although it may have looked like mr wolff and lauda had connived to oust mr brawn, power battles strained their particular relationship, particularly in 2013, if they clashed throughout the division of the duties.

Niki and i had been constantly our very own employers. we ran our companies and had our own views, says mr wolff.

Daimler ended up being therefore concerned so it labeled as a board meeting. but mr wolff states he and lauda came across quietly beforehand, settled their particular differences and defused the problem with a handshake at the board.

The set seized the first of mercedes six successive crowns after completing 2nd to red bull in 2013. their success continued after mr ecclestone departed in 2017 when liberty media, the us team managed by billionaire john malone, finished its $8bn bargain to obtain the sporting series.

Internal friction was a consistent feature of mr wolffs tenure. a believer in hard love, the mercedes key soon became mediator to their drivers, just who clashed in the track and jousted in press seminars.

Rosberg quit after winning their only championship in 2016, only five things before their teammate hamilton in a championship that went down towards the final day's the growing season.

In the place of let the acrimony to fester, mr wolff and hamilton decided their differences in your kitchen of mercedes bosss oxford home. hamilton hasn't lost a global title since.

Handling mercedes celebrity motorist has grown to become more difficult through the years, specially following the killing of george floyd by a minneapolis police in-may.

While protesters against racism and police brutality collected in america, the uk and beyond, f1 remained quiet. hamilton accused the industry of being complicit.

We've been many of us responsible of being quiet for way too very long, says mr wolff.

After discussing hamiltons views, mercedes chose to decorate its car black this year, convincing sponsors to agree and daimler to consider a change of livery after years of racing in gold. mr wolff would like to raise the proportion of its minority ethnic and feminine staff from 3 % and 12 percent today.

We do not wish this launch for the black livery to be a pr stunt. we do not like to join companies that feel it's the flavor associated with the thirty days to speak against racism, states mr wolff.

Their after that challenge is to keep his leading motorist, who is however to renew his contract, which expires at the conclusion of this season.

Mr wolff has also had to cope with speculation about his own future, increased by an individual financial investment in aston martin, which will be entering f1 next year following a 500m rescue led by lawrence stroll, owner of racing point f1 staff.

With f1 set to present a spending plan limit and a fairer split of its incomes on the list of groups next year, the greatest test of mr wolffs stranglehold in the sport is yet ahead.