Tropical Storm Bret Could Become Hurricane, Threatening Eastern Caribbean

A hurricane is expected to hit the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, so everyone in those areas should be prepared.

NHC stated in a Tuesday morning report that TS Bret was expected to hit the Lesser Antilles islands by Thursday or Friday. This would put them "at risk of flooding due to heavy rain, strong winds and dangerous storm surges and waves." We're also watching a wave of tropical moisture over the eastern Atlantic. This wave has a good chance of developing into a tropical depression in the next few days as it moves westward towards the central tropical Atlantic.

TS Bret's maximum sustained wind speed is 40 mph. NHC stated that it "could turn into a hurricane within a few days." It is still too early to pinpoint the exact location or magnitude of these hazards, given the greater than usual uncertainty in the track prediction. The second system is AL93. It's a tropical storm "several hundreds of miles" away from Cabo Verde. The oceans around the world are hotter than ever before. Early hurricanes due to a tropical Atlantic in a boil. UK to experience Cat 5 marine heatwave! Here's the quick tour and thread 1.

Storms are ripped apart by wind shear.