The top of uks main delivery trade human anatomy has welcomed the obvious message the british authorities delivered by storming an oil tanker in which staff members had faced a confrontation with stowaways, as hampshire authorities announced seven guys was in fact arrested across event.

Bob sanguinetti, chief executive of the united kingdom chamber of shipping, was talking after on a daily basis of stress on sunday when the team associated with the nave andromeda, an oil product tanker owned by greeces navios maritime purchase, sought authorities assistance after seven nigerian stowaways aboard became intense.

The event prompted the master to contact the authorities in liberia, the vessels flag condition, as well as the united kingdom. the ship was sitting around six miles off the coastline associated with the isle of wight during the time.

Hampshire authorities ultimately desired assistance from the specialized boat service, the naval supply for the uks special forces, which arrived by helicopter in the vessel and detained the stowaways without injury to any staff people.

Navios tanker control, providers regarding the nave andromeda, stated on monday the master stayed from the bridge through the entire incident to keep up connection with the authorities and ensure safe navigation. all the remaining portion of the 22-strong crew, except the main engineer who remained within the engine-room, protected in a protected citadel area barricaded off from the stowaways.

Citadels were widely introduced on vendor vessels on height of the piracy crisis in gulf of aden around a decade ago. they enable teams to shelter safely while awaiting protection protections or a military boarding party to manage any danger.

The stowaways appear expected to have boarded the vessel in lagos, nigeria, with the purpose of saying asylum defense in the uk.

Mr sanguinetti stated he could only applaud the uk authorities choice to deploy the armed forces to board the vessel to resolve the difficulty which he had been certain the decision was taken perhaps not gently.

This is a rather clear message from united kingdom federal government that vessels and seafarers will not be permitted to get caught up within the plight of asylum hunters and economic migrants, he stated.

There have been only some 90 reported stowaway situations on boats global in 2018, the past 12 months for whichfigures can be obtained, concerning around 230 men and women, relating to mr sanguinetti. it's become considerably more difficult for stowaways to board vessels because the introduction in 2004 of overseas ship and port facility security code, a measure drafted by the uns international maritime organization following september 11, 2001 terrorist assaults in the us.

The actual only real past event lately in uk seas comparable to sundays included the grande tema, a container and ro-ro cargo ship owned by italys grimaldi lines, whoever staff had been threatened by four stowaways once the vessel steamed within the thames estuary towards tilbury in december 2018. in that event, as on sunday, the staff retreated to a citadel and waited for unique forces soldiers to come aboard and detain the stowaways.

Hampshire authorities stated on monday that the staff users were safe while the vessel was in southampton interface.

The seven males have been arrested on suspicion of seizing or exercising control of a ship by usage of threats or force under [the] aviation and maritime and protection act 1990, the power stated. they all stay static in custody at authorities programs across hampshire.

Navios tanker management stated the master had contacted great britain authorities after becoming concerned with the stowaways increasingly hostile behavior.

Navios tanker control need to thank all the british authorities taking part in this procedure for their timely and expert response, the company stated. navios would additionally like to spend tribute towards master associated with the nave andromeda for his exemplary reaction and peace and all the staff because of their fortitude in a hard scenario.