Unilever is always to press ahead with unifying its legal structure in uk, regardless of the menace from dutch politicians of an exit taxation inside netherlands that could price the customer goods group 11bn.

The manufacturer of dove soap, domestos bleach and ben & jerrys ice-cream stated the boards of both its british and dutch organizations had selected on tuesday to proceed with incorporating them into a single london-based business.

It will ask the uks high court to accept the alteration, organized as a merger, on november 2, to just take influence on november 29. this may end a dual framework that has been set up since unilever had been formed a lot more than 90 years back.

Unification as a uk organization has proved well-liked by shareholders, securing endorsement from people in the uk and dutch entities.

But politicians through the dutch green party have actually needed to impose an exit tax on departing businesses that unilever formerly stated could derail its make an effort to simplify its framework. critics nicknamed the levy the hotel ca taxation, after the eagles track declaring that one may take a look at any time, but you can never leave.

The greens proposed a costs to introduce the taxation on october 9 despite key independent legal services recommending it can break eu legislation.

Unilever had said in august that if the balance had been enacted when you look at the form it took at that time, hitting the group with a retroactive 11bn exit cost, it would not continue with unification.

However, unilever would like to finish the alteration to its framework before the uks current dealing arrangements using the eu conclude at the conclusion of this year, in order to make utilization of the eus cross-border mergers regime.

Unilever stated associated with the dutch costs on tuesday: it is confusing when, or without a doubt whenever, the balance should be enacted, or in just what form.

It stated it had received legal services that any exit income tax fee it could get underneath the costs is annulled regarding the grounds so it infringes the dutch-uk taxation pact, various other dutch tax treaties with states which investors live, primary and secondary eu legislation and very first protocol into european meeting on human rights.

The unification, spearheaded by chief executive alan jope, reverses a failed move under their predecessor paul polman two years ago to generate just one entity when you look at the netherlands.

It can make acquisitions and disposals eg a well planned spin-off of their beverage division far less complicated, assisting the company to refocus its profile on faster-growing areas.

Unilever states no tasks are relocated or lost as a consequence of the appropriate modification, though this has committed when it spins off its food unit, the brand new business will be based into the netherlands.