Viad Corp Completes Sale of Non-Core Business Unit

Proceeds Provide Additional Capacity for Continued Growth Investment at Pursuit ... | December 19, 2022

Viad Corp Completes Sale of Non-Core Business Unit

Viad Corp (NYSE : VVI) is a leader in experiential leisure travel, live events, and marketing experiences. Today, Viad Corp announced that it has completed the sale assets of ON Services, its US-based business providing audio-visual services, for $30 million. This was subject to any customary working capital adjustments.

Viad's President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Moster stated that the sale of ON Services assets will continue the strategic transformational changes made at GES in the last few years. It will also simplify GES' operational model. GES is now well-positioned to generate significant free cash flow, with low capital expenditures requirements and a simplified cost structure through its core Exhibitions/Spiro businesses.

Moster stated, "The increased balance sheet strength resulting from this transaction allows us to continue our focus upon scaling Pursuit with investments into high-return unforgettable and inspiring experiences through our REFRESH, BUILD, BUY growth strategy."

ON Services' audio-visual services revenue accounted for approximately 6% of the total GES revenue during the nine months ending September 30, 2022. GES will offer certain services during the transition period to help ensure a smooth transition.


Viad (NYSE : VVI) is a global leader in extraordinary experiences. It offers a wide range of services, including leisure and hospitality activities, experiential marketing and live events through its two businesses, Pursuit and GES. Our business strategy is focused on creating extraordinary experiences for our clients, employees, and guests. We also aim to achieve significant and sustainable growth as well as above-market returns for shareholders. Viad is a S&P SmallCap 600 Company.

Pursuit offers a variety of unforgettable and inspiring travel experiences in Alaska and Montana, Canada Rockies, Vancouver and Reykjavik as well as new experiences in Chicago and Toronto. Pursuit offers a variety of attractions, lodges, hotels, and sightseeing tours to connect guests with famous places.

GES is a global company that provides live events services. It offers a wide range of services to event organizers and brands around the globe through two reporting segments: GES Exhibitions and Spiro. Spiro is an experiential marketing company that partners with top brands to improve their global marketing efforts. GES Exhibitions, a global exhibition services provider, partners with top conference and exhibition organizers to provide full-service logistics and strategic solutions to manage the complex events with teams across North America, Europe and the Middle East.

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