Cyprus investor Viven Ventures Limited started the negotiations with Chilean developer. According to analysts this process is likely to result into merger.

The leaders of Viven Ventures Limited a Cyprus-based real estate agent started active business negotiations to gain the support of the local property developer. According to the words of CEO of the company this process can result into a merger bringing new strong competitor to the market. This is the first time Viven Ventures Limited runs such process. On its domestic market this business vehicle was running the investment activity using its own resources only. In 2018 and 2019 Viven Ventures Limited did form the alliance with European partners but that was just a common form of cooperation. In Chile the situation seems a little bit different and CEO Maverick Tebbetts does not rule out a merger possibility.

What this may result in? In most of the cases this means the creation of a new more powerful company with the joined resources and assets. Merger has certain advantages over other forms of cooperation and this is the best way of joining the forces to reach higher results. By combining the assets new company will be able to run its business more efficiently. When merger is complete new business will be able to gain access to better technologies and equipment. One should also refer to human resources combination.

The merger also has its cons, and the main disadvantage of the merger is long process. This form of cooperation includes the integration of each and every level of both business vehicles. Any point or component can become a subject of long negotiation. Merger is not #1 choice in case time is of the essence.

Still Viven Ventures Limited decided this way. This move demonstrates that this company is not just a seasonal player of the market.

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