Why "Net Zero" Is Not A Rational U.S. Energy Policy

The author is critical of policies that are driven by greed.

Jonathan Lesser, via RealClear Wire


The European Union has recently snubbed Germany's last ditch attempt at realism

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The ban on gasoline-powered vehicles in 2035 is moving forward.

Agenda for 'Net Zero' Emissions


The U.S.


The cost of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050 would be enormous - $50 trillion. In most cases, the raw material demand would surpass current global production.

However, the impact on global climate would be negligible.

The focus of developing countries is on economic growth, not permanent poverty to "save" the climate. The recent study found that the climate is not changing.

Washington Post


According to the article, wealth is defined as "joy, beauty and friendship" in addition to "community, closeness to nature and flourishing." However, impoverished people who cook with animal waste, such as the 80% of Burkina Fasso's population, are unlikely to find joy or beauty in their economic misery. Although cooking with animal dung does bring you closer to nature, it's not what the author of the article is referring to.

Instead of a clear energy policy, the U.S. and most of western countries are pursuing 'net-zero' energy policies that aim to electrify the economies in the west, while relying almost exclusively on wind and solar energy.

Energy storage batteries and hydrogen-powered generators would be able to provide the additional electricity needed - the sun doesn't always set at night, nor does the wind blow all the time. These policies are driven by two factors.

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These policies are driven old-fashioned greed.

The Inflation Reduction Act of the Biden Administration has dramatically increased green energy subsidies. The IRA offers a virtual smorgasbord in green energy subsidies, including those for solar power, offshore wind, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. The green energy

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Climate alarmism is not a valid argument for.

Electricity costs are on the rise

In Europe, for example, the standard of living has declined.


Unaffordable energy prices are causing a decline in the quality of life. Even California, a progressive state, is not immune.


Its zero-emissions targets will primarily benefit the wealthy and at the expense the poor.

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Although the author of this article might think otherwise, a modern society needs ample supplies reliable and affordable energy. Three key pillars are needed to build a modern society that is solely powered by electricity. It must first provide a lot of electricity. This is far more than what we generate today. The U.S. only consumes about one fifth of the total energy consumed. Second, it must be possible to access all that electricity 24 hours a day. Third, the price must be reasonable. Those pillars

Cannot be supported

By relying on intermittent solar and wind power, and large banks of batteries that store electricity for when the sun isn't shining or the wind doesn’t blow. These pillars will not be based on

Technologies that do not even exist

Generators that use pure hydrogen are one example.

The current approach to tackling climate change, even if you believe that it is important and that technology with low or zero emissions will have worldwide benefits is the most costly.

Despite the hyperventilation by some politicians such as Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Predictions of doom

Climate change does not have to be economic suicide. It is far more effective to adapt and mitigate potential future damages caused by climate change, like a gradual rise in sea level and slightly warmer temperatures.

Political expediency almost always wins over rational economics. As Herb Stein, an economist, said many years ago, "What cannot continue forever will not." The current energy policies will eventually collapse due to their unrealistic nature. Costs to consumers and businesses in the United States will be enormous.

Jonathan Lesser, president of Continental Economics, is also an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute.