The principle executive of british airways owner iag has actually written a scathing reaction to a parliamentary committee that branded the service a nationwide disgrace over techniques to reduce tasks and alter terms and conditions because of its workforce.

Willie walsh on monday said that ba was in full compliance because of the law with regard to redundancies, as it was just proposing changes so it desires to consult over with trade unions.

British airways is mired in the deepest crisis the organization has previously faced and is acting in a perfectly lawful manner, mr walsh stated in a page to huw merriman, who heads the commons transportation select committee, adding that company had been fighting because of its success.

The select committee on saturday designated ba in a study on impact of coronavirus on aviation, after days of animosity between the carrier and mps.

Ba revealed in april that it would cut-up to 12,000 jobs, almost 30 per cent of their staff, as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis additionally the depleted passenger amounts that it said could continue for several years.

This wanton destruction of a faithful staff cannot may actually forgo sanction because of the government, parliamentarians or having to pay passengers just who may choose differently in the future, stated mr merriman. we view it as a national disgrace.

In the letter, mr walsh said mr merriman had made clear the report would-be predicated on impassioned messages from ba workers as opposed to the facts.

The facts, he said, were clear and to the contrary: that ba was indeed unsupported because of the government policy of 14-day quarantine, and staff members was in fact betrayed by trade union leaders who had refused to engage in consultations.

The fact remains, without a doubt, hardly ever pure and not simple, he stated. british airways is battling for the survival in the face of daunting and unprecedented challenges while respecting the essential uk worth of the rule of law.

Unite, the union representing a number of ba staff members, on saturday voiced its help the select committee report.

Not in the ba boardroom bunker, its hard to find one, solitary defender associated with the activities and supporterof the airline's plans, said len mccluskey, basic assistant of union.

Again, ba shows that when there's an incorrect way to go about things, then that is the recklesspath that it will choose.