A german businessman in charge of among wirecards biggest sources of stated profits is reported lifeless 30 days after philippine authorities revealed he was under investigation within the repayments companys collapse.

The death of christopher bauer, 44, was reported to a municipal registry in manila a week ago. in summer, philippine authorities said these were examining him along with his partner, belinda bauer, in a probe involving wirecards companion companies.

The bauers were the people who own payeasy solutions, a manila-based repayments processor that was a key business lover for wirecard, accounting for 291.4m of the german payment groups reported revenue of 2bn in 2018 and more than a 5th of their running revenue.

Wirecard folded in summer after saying 1.9bn purportedly held in escrow accounts inside philippines did not exist. it revealed that its outsourced functions in asia, including payeasy, have been misrepresented to people and that it had been examining whether, in which fashion and what degree these types of business has in fact been conducted the benefit of the organization.

Menardo guevarra, the philippine secretary of justice, told the financial days he previously to ascertain very first if the deceased person is the same person subject associated with continuous investigation. however decide whether more investigation into mr bauers reported death had been necessary after obtaining a copy regarding the death certification.

The bauers identified in an financial occasions examination this past year possessed payeasy as of 2017, relating to community filings, and have now represented centurion online payment overseas, a moment companion business, in communications with wirecard.

Mr bauer in 2015 reportedly obtained an inward remittance from wirecard asia for consultancy solutions rendered, stated mr guevarra without disclosing an amount.

A document seen by the financial circumstances implies that wirecard because of the end of last year had additionally awarded 260m in loans to payeasy.

Mr bauer, just who informed auditors from kpmg that he was a wirecard staff member before joining payeasy some 12 years ago, additionally possessed froehlich tours, a bus and advisor leasing business that shares a workplace with payeasy in manila.

At a gathering in manila in march, mr bauer and wirecards fugitive previous chief operating officer jan marsalek briefed kpmg and ey on payeasys business, informing the auditors that the organization specialised in processing payments for risky consumers in online gaming, gambling and porn, according to a special audit by kpmg.

The philippine authorities are now actually examining just how immigration files were fabricated showing mr marsalek showing up in the country in summer and leaving the following day for asia. cctv footage revealed no these types of arrival.

On july 27, mrs bauer uploaded a graphic of a black ribbon on twitter, while the woman child published an image of an urn bearing her fathers name 2 days later. mr bauers family on august 1 published a death notice in a regional newspaper in hesse, germany, where their moms and dads tend to be living.mr bauers moms and dads declined to comment. mr bauers attorney failed to immediately answer a request for opinion.

Munich prosecutors, that are leading the criminal probe into wirecard in germany, stated they had perhaps not gotten any official notice about mr bauers death. they declined to comment if an arrest warrant against him have been issued.

Mr bauers reason behind death remains confusing. the civil registry declined to review, mentioning the data privacy act. a guard at the bauers gated neighborhood stated he had died of a heart attack.

Several guys handmade cards outside the bauers house in manila said the widow cannot comment and proposed talking to the woman attorney, whoever contact information they declined to reveal.

The guys were standing by the propertys gate, that has been marked by the logo design of an area bike club called iron cross sons, whose site features scantily clothed ladies with nazi-themed outfit.